About our Program

The Bible in 90 Days (BIND) is a reading program developed for churches and groups to read in community the entire Bible, with the opportunity for deeper understanding through the use of videos, a companion guide, and a participant’s workbook that provides questions/topics for discussion in small groups.

In anticipation of leading our congregation through this exciting journey, the staff of FPC committed to reading through the Bible in 90 Days themselves, to see what it would really take to read the Bible, from cover-to-cover in 90 days. We’re over 2/3 of the way done! So we thought we’d share some of our insights…

  • When you first heard about the Bible in 90 Days, what did you think? Did you think you would be able to do it?
    • Pastor Larry: I thought it would be a lot of reading, but I also thought I would be able to do it because I’ve heard of others doing the program.
    • Kelley Becker: I was surprised that there was such a program. Having read the Bible in a year on other occasions, it seemed a little ambitious for the average person.
    • I was pretty sure that I would be able to do it. I’m not a quitter.
    • Phil Enge:  It sounded challenging and no, I did not think I could do it.
    • Pastor Becca: I felt both intimidated and excited. I too have done the Bible in a Year program and, though I enjoyed it, THAT felt like a lot of reading every day! This would be so much more! But I was determined to do it, to prove that it CAN be done!
  • What made you decide to try?
    • Pastor Larry: I decided to try because I knew we would be asking others to do this and I wanted to be able to affirm the program from first-hand experience.
    • Kelley Becker: I knew that I wouldn’t be able to talk to the youth about giving it a try if I hadn’t tried it myself.
    • Phil Enge:  Since everyone else was joining in the fun, I thought I would give it a try.  Besides, I did and do want to be supportive.
    • Pastor Becca: I was challenging the Adult Discipleship Committee to try to do things that feel impossible, without God’s help. I knew that I couldn’t ask THEM to do something that I wasn’t myself willing to do first.

  • Have you been able to keep up with the reading on a daily basis? What’s been your strategy?
    • Pastor Larry: I have tended to read ahead when I had the time so I wouldn’t fall behind when things got busy.
    • Kelley Becker: Yes, most of the time I read right after the gym in the morning. I have been doing this extra reading instead of my regular morning devotion. If I don’t get it all     read in the morning, I don’t go to bed without finishing.
    • Phil Enge:  Not always, but still, I am reading more of the Bible than I ever have.  Reading first thing in the morning with coffee has been the best for me.
    • Pastor Becca: Mostly. I have purposefully NOT done my reading while at work at the church. I know that not everyone has a job wherein they are encouraged to read the Bible while “on the clock” so I wanted to make sure that I followed the same rules as everyone else. So I typically do my reading while I eat my breakfast in the morning.
  • Have there been things that have made it difficult to keep up with the reading? How have you overcome those?
    • Pastor Larry: The typical unplanned things can throw of a schedule, but there is usually some time at other parts of the day to catch up.
    • Kelley Becker: The only difficulty has been weekends. On Saturdays, my schedule is different. I am a creature of habit. Lately I have started reading Saturday’s passages on Fridays. It’s really working well. Other times when I have known that I was going to be busy for a few days, I would read ahead so that I wouldn’t fall behind.
    • Phil Enge:  The greatest impediments to keeping up have been bad habits and my own personality.  I’m still a work in progress, so no; I have not completely overcome those.
    • Pastor Becca: I fell very far behind when I was traveling in Morocco for two weeks. I almost just skipped ahead. But instead, what I did was I found a way to listen to the Bible on my iPod, so I caught up by listening to the passages I’d missed while doing a couple hours of yard work. It worked perfectly!

  • What have you enjoyed about reading the Bible in 90 Days?
    • Pastor Larry: I’ve enjoyed getting a refresher on familiar passages, and I’ve been surprised by parts I didn’t remember at all.
    • Kelley Becker: My husband is reading too. We have enjoyed talking about the day’s reading together. We tease each other when one of us reads ahead…it’s a competition as are most things in our house.
    • Phil Enge:  I have enjoyed reading familiar passages and being reminded of details I had forgotten, and of course, reading totally new material.  Also, it has been fun reading straight through, not just a passage here and there.
    • Pastor Becca: I’ve enjoyed the consistency of knowing that every morning, I am going to read something that challenges me, something that encourages me, something that teaches me more about who God is and who I am.

  • What have you learned as you’ve read the Bible in 90 Days?
    • Pastor Larry: I’ve learned again of the incredible variety in the Bible, and of God’s faithfulness through every conceivable circumstance.
    • Kelley Becker: I’ve learned that my memory for details is horrible. I cannot even begin to tell you how many details I have forgotten since the last time I read some of the passages.  I’ve also reaffirmed in my own mind and heart that God uses very flawed people to do amazing things.
    • Phil Enge:  That God’s people have been on this incredible journey and we of today are not so different than people 2000 years ago.
    • Pastor Becca: I’ve learned that even when God’s people are completely faithless, God is always, eternally faithful.

  • What advice would you give to the members of our church who will soon be reading the Bible in 90 Days?
    • Pastor Larry: When the going gets a little slow, stay with it. The rewards are great.
    • Kelley Becker: Plan your time. Don’t give up. Find someone fun to talk to about what you are reading.
    • Phil Enge:  Even if you fall behind in the assigned reading, keep going.  You may read more than you ever have before and once you start, you may find it is one of those books you just can’t put down.
    • Pastor Becca: Pray, pray, pray. Pray to ask God for the desire to read His Word. Pray to ask God to help you understand His Word. Pray that God would help you clear the time and space to read each day and watch God go to work!

The Bible in 90 Days begins Sunday, January 9, 2011!
If we can do it, you can too!

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

-Matthew 19:26


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