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Day Fourteen

January 23, 2011 – day 14
Dt 8:1 to Dt 23:11
To page 168 in your BIND Bible

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Day Thirteen

January 22, 2011 – day 13
Nu 32:20 to Dt 7:26
To page 156 in your BIND Bible

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Day Twelve

January 21, 2011 – day 12
Nu 21:8 to Nu 32:19
To page 144 in your BIND Bible

Encouragement for Week Two

Let’s be honest. The books of Leviticus and Numbers aren’t exactly page-turners. If they were published as stand-alone books today, it’s highly unlikely that they’d make it to the New York Times Best Seller list. Leviticus and Numbers are difficult reads. At first glance, it’s hard to understand what in the world all these rules, regulations, and traditions have to do with our lives today. But as we dig down below the surface, we see that there is much to learn from these ancient texts, wonderful insights that we can apply to our lives this very day!

We learned in Genesis and Exodus that God desires for His presence to remain with His people. God wants to be in relationship with humanity. That was God’s intention from the very beginning, and though that plan was threatened by the emergence of sin, God has not been deterred. God establishes the covenant with Abraham and his descendants and promises to bless them and be present with them for all time.

But how do a sinful people live in the presence of a wholly holy God? That’s the question that Leviticus and Numbers are here to answer.

Leviticus focuses greatly on the ritual sacrifices the people of Israel were instructed to offer. The offerings they were to give to God were not arbitrary. They were integral parts of their very lives- the animals they raised that became a part of their families, the grain they worked to grow and harvest, and the bread they ate. The people’s very lives depended on these items, so it was indeed a sacrifice to give them up. It was a way of acknowledging the truth that, as God’s chosen people, they were dependant on God for everything and surrendering control to Him.

The sin offerings were no different. The act of offering a sacrifice was the way a person could recognize how deadly serious sin is, for it makes it impossible to live in the presence of the life-giving God. It wasn’t the act of offering a sacrifice that made a person right with God. Only God, in His gracious mercy, can cleanse a person from their sin. God’s grace is free, but it certainly isn’t cheap. It costs a very life.

Numbers continues this theme of the relationship between God and God’s people. Right off the bat, we are reminded of God’s faithfulness through the census report. God has promised blessing on the people of Israel, and we see from their abundant fruitfulness, God has kept His end of the bargain. The question is… will Israel keep theirs? Will this generation be able to pass on the faith to the next before they pass away? Will they trust God to provide for their needs? When they disobey God’s commands, will they be able to withstand the consequences?

 As you read this week, you may find yourself thinking something like, “Gosh, it sure seems like God asks a LOT of His people! Follow all these rules, perform all these rituals, obey me at all costs…” And you’d be right. God did and God does ask a lot of His people.

Speaking of the Christian faith, Martin Luther once said, “A religion that gives nothing, costs nothing, and suffers nothing, is worth nothing.” To be one of God’s chosen people does cost quite a bit. Jesus said, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.”

All of us, God’s chosen people- from Moses, Aaron, Miriam, and Balaam to Peter, Paul, and John- are called to give our whole selves to God. But we do so in the grateful knowledge that God, in Jesus Christ, has given His whole Self to us.

Day Eleven

January 20, 2011 – day 11
Nu 8:15 to Nu 21:7
To page 132 in your BIND Bible

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Day Ten

January 19, 2011 – day 10
Le 26:27 to Nu 8:14
To page 120 in your BIND Bible

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Day Nine

January 18, 2011 – day 9
Le 14:33 to Le 26:26
To page 108 in your BIND Bible